A native Louisvillian, straight out of "Lively Shively", Mollie is excited to begin leading bicycle tours in the city she loves. After college, she set out alone to accomplish her dream of visiting New Zealand, and ended up staying for six months. She brings to the table experience in biking, having pedaled over 3,300 km throughout a three-month independent bicycle tour in Patagonia. As a former high school history teacher, and a current tour guide and bourbon enthusiast at a local bourbon distillery, Mollie brings her love of education and biking to Louisville Bicycle Tours. When she isn't leading tours, she spends her time mountain biking, hanging with her dog, hanging around upside down (yoga), and plotting her next globe-trotting adventure. She hopes it involves whiskey and castles. 



A locally-grown Kentucky boy, Austin was born and raised in the River City where he developed a healthy love of cycling, fishing, country music and Kentucky bourbon. 

As a young man adrift in a sea of uncertainty, he chose to stay close to home and earn a degree in accounting from the University of Louisville. The safe bet, to say the least.

It would be nearly twenty years before he ventured west of the Mississippi River for the first time, sparking off a lasting yet rather tumultuous love affair with the West. Kentucky roots run deep, however, and after graduating he found himself working as an office-bound bean-counter in downtown Louisville. An ill fit for such a free spirit. 

β€œThe silver lining was that I could bike to work nearly every day. In fact, that was the highlight of every day,” he recalls as reflecting back on those short-haired, shirt-and-tie days of his youth. After several years however, enough was enough.

Adventure was calling. 

Over the course of the next five years, Austin would find himself in over thirty countries around the globe, utilizing virtually every mode of transportation, but always returning to the bicycle. During this time he cycled through nearly a dozen countries in Asia, South America and Europe. 

Eventually this passion and experience would land him a job as a professional bicycle tour guide in exotic locations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Panama and the Czech Republic. 

It is with this same passion and experience that he has returned to Louisville to co-found Louisville Bicycle Tours. On this new adventure he hopes to share the joy of bicycle travel along with the excitement of exploring a new place (or perhaps a familiar place from a fresh perspective) with those wanting a unique perspective of his home town of Louisville, Kentucky.